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blkbeauty5978 started this conversation
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My me is Joyce Yeboah
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Elaine of TSA

Dear Black Beauty 5978, Pleease refer to the following web site and then check area loan limits which is the 2nd of the following web links: _income_limits.htm http://w a%20loan%20limit%20pdf%20files /OH.pdf CC: Gold Hope this helps. Blessings, Elaine

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Hon, if you find the help you need, let me know where you got it from, as I've been disabled for 15 years; home burned down;have no home and desperately need finances to build a place to live (and, buy the land and materials). $55,000.00 would be all I need. Been trying to get a grant for 11 years. I've seen people from India, Barbados, Arab Countries get what they want-- but the GOV. help an American by birth?? NO. NEVER. Will NOT Happen!

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Evicted from a brand new home because Social Security messed up my payments, I am a single, disabled mom with 2 boys. I have been living in a motel since Dec. 2005. Two days before Christmas, I was prognosed with Crohn's disease. I have been to the emergency room 14 times since then for pain medication. I live in a very poor county where I am still on a waiting list for section 8. BUT, God is good! I have an invention that is going to go global but I need funds to create software, samples, etc. Can anyone guide me? Thanks

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